Do you want a liberal politician to decide if you are “worthy” to carry a concealed weapon?

Assemblyman McCarty

If Assemblyman Kevin McCarty has his way, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.  He just put forth a proposal that would establish his definition of “good cause” – thus removing the authority for issuing CCWs from the hands of law enforcement.  What’s more, he did it with an end run around legislative procedures and deadlines, giving the public far less opportunity to review – and respond.

McCarty is getting all kinds of kudos from his leftist politico friends – one even publicly thanking him for “working to keep us all safe” while taking a foul swipe at Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, whom he charges gives out concealed carry permits like “Halloween candy…”

What he fails to mention is that not one of the thousands of CCW holders in Sacramento County have abused their right. The same can’t be said for the gang members that scare the crap out of many Sacramento neighborhoods.

Remember, McCarty’s the guy that wanted every firearm and ammo purchase be videotaped to the point that visual features could be recognizable.  That bill was so “Big Brother out-there-bad” that even his Democrats colleagues wouldn’t buy it, so it thankfully died (it was the Brady Campaign’s top priority).

We can only hope that law enforcement will rise up and vigorously oppose AB 466 (not even in print as of this posting) – because McCarty’s idea certainly suggests that they don’t have the intelligence to make such decisions.  Instead, McCarty prefers a “one size fits all” approach that’s a proverbial “up yours” to the law abiding, and a sharp poke in the eye to Sheriffs and Police Chiefs.

McCarty and his ilk think nothing of taking a national tragedy to further inflame the misplaced hysteria on guns – and not the madman that pulled the trigger.

These people.

Thank you Sheriff Scott Jones – the whole of California needs more like you.



  1. Everyone should read of the CCW permittee that foiled an armed attack at a 7-11 in Seattle. The question would be; Is this the “Special need” requirement the Governor wants? Did he know it was going to happen? No, but he was ALERT AND READY to defend his neighbor… That is the reason for the 2nd Amendment. REMEMBER THE 2ND AMENDMENT!! Defend yourself against criminals AND conspiring government politicians!

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