Newsom’s Nuisance – Amen!

evil gavin newsom californiaBy now just about everyone has heard of Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s fevered scheme to champion a brand new anti-gun ballot initiative.  Do we smell some political motivation?  Of course, but the main stream media is gushing with excitement at Newsom’s attempt to curb gun violence.  On the other hand, GOC stands ready to shoot some big-time holes in his propaganda, and this week “The Truth About Guns” blog nails it in their piece entitled “Newsom’s Nuisance.”  Read on!

Nobody has ever accused California’s Lieutenant Governor of being well informed. Sadly, he insists on proving it.

Emboldened by presidential politicians strutting for gun control, Gavin Newsom is supporting a public ballot initiative to bring Californians four new forms of gun control. Clear in his proposal is an utter lack of understanding about the nature of crime, violence and guns. Without exception, the proposals will…READ MORE…


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