Live Savers: A Good Samaritan Debate

Here is a story of a couple of 17 year old criminals, using guns to hold up a store occupied with innocent customers who were fearing for their lives. Then, there is a man, who had a gun in his car outside in the parking lot, for moments like this.  He ran outside, got his gun, and successfully defended himself, the shop, and all of it’s occupants.

Debate has aroused as to whether or not he did the right thing.  Is the term “Good Samaritan” being used incorrectly? Should he have sat and waited for the cops to show up? Does the fact that the gun-wielding robbers were only 17 change the fact that they were committing a crime and endangering the lives of others?

Our opinion … thank the Lord there was a citizen who had a gun and knew how to use it.  Few details have been revealed about the shooter, but I doubt he was in the shop alone.  He took action to protect those he loved and the innocent citizens around him.  Is that wrong?


What are your thoughts?

Opinions mixed on shooting of Salinas teens by ‘Good Samaritan’

Herald Staff Writer
Posted:   10/08/2012 10:06:36 PM PDT

While some Salinas residents applauded the actions of a man who shot two robbery suspects on Thursday, killing one, community leaders cautioned that the case was unique and the investigation is still unfolding.

“It raises uncomfortable questions,” said Brian Contreras, director of 2nd Chance Family and Youth Services in Salinas. “But you don’t want to be an armchair quarterback.”

Police have identified the slain teen as Jose Antonio Ceja, 17. Around 6:45 p.m., Thursday, police said, Ceja and another 17-year-old boy held up staff and customers of the Saltillo Tortilleria and Mexican Deli at 1590 N. Sanborn Road, demanding money at gunpoint.

Police said a 36-year-old man outside retrieved a handgun from his car, entered, and shot the two youths. His identity has not been disclosed, but police said he is associated with someone who was inside the deli.

The wounded robbers ran out but were soon driven to a local hospital in a private vehicle. Ceja died that night. The surviving teenager, also 17, underwent surgery and was taken by helicopter to a San Francisco Bay Area trauma hospital.  READ MORE …


For another commentary on this story: go here

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