The Danger is Real

  According to Attorney General Kamala Harris, in 2014 she can only account for a whopping 14 crimes committed with long guns in the entire state of California.  This must be why she’s signed on with the Legislature to ban future sales of almost all semi-automatic centerfire rifles by 2017 plus require that all existing… More The Danger is Real

If it Weren’t So Chilling, It Would Be Funny.

Guns with bullet buttons are designed for one thing and one thing only:  to facilitate the maximum destruction of human life. Let’s get this straight: To facilitate the destruction of human life. So says Senator Isadore Hall, whose well-earned reputation for being a porn industry “condom crusader” has now turned his attention to the dangers… More If it Weren’t So Chilling, It Would Be Funny.

Don’t Sell Your Soul for the Super Bowl

Don’t let your passion for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos or Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers dupe you into tossing cash into the hands of the anti-gunners. Lt. Governor Gavin will do just about anything to funnel money to ensure his reckless initiative gets on the ballot this November – and he’s targeting small donors to… More Don’t Sell Your Soul for the Super Bowl

Just Say No

Once we crossed the threshold of New Years, we were thrust into full-blown election year crazy. Even though presidential candidates have been trading barbs and hot button issues were pressed in 2015, it’s nothing compared to what we now face in 2016. We have a national election of literal epic proportions and an anti-gun initiative… More Just Say No