Dog-And-Pony (Newsom) No-Show

As expected – following months of improper signature gathering, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s long-on-emotion and short-on-facts “Safety for All” initiative is poised to appear on the General Election ballot this coming November.  Having submitted over 600,000 signatures, the initiative is now going through the “random check process” by each county’s Registrar of Voters. And just… More Dog-And-Pony (Newsom) No-Show

News Flash! Gun Laws Don’t Work

Well now. Isn’t it curious to read how the anti-gun lobby responds to actual evidence that their policies don’t work? Quoting from Breitbart California, Allison Anderman of the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence says, “The fact that these laws may be difficult to enforce in some cases is not an argument against enacting them.”  She’s referring… More News Flash! Gun Laws Don’t Work

NO!  Don’t Confuse Us With FACTS!

The liberal juggernaut continues. Senator Loni Hancock, notoriously ill-informed Chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee publicly stated today that there are “people out there who want more guns on the street…” She’s talking about us. What exactly does she mean by that?  That we want to see more killing in the streets?  More homes… More NO!  Don’t Confuse Us With FACTS!


Michele Hanisee, President of the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys has delivered yet another one-two punch to Gavin Newsom and his reckless attempt to squelch our gun rights.  Remember – it’s our local law enforcement and their legal partners in the district attorney’s office that work on our behalf to put the bad… More DISTRICT ATTORNEYS HAMMER NEWSOM – AGAIN!


Gun Violence: emotionally charged political buzz words, right? But what exactly is it? Depends who you ask. To those eager to disarm America, a victim of gun violence is anyone killed by a firearm – regardless of the circumstances. Terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev is considered a “victim” – even though he was killed in a shootout… More DON’T LET NEWSOM AND HIS CRONIES DEFINE THE DEBATE!